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Introduction to 5S (LEAN-101)
Lean Management
Introduction to 5S (LEAN-101)
This is a course introducing the main concepts of the 5S workspace organization system. It should be completed by anyone working in a 5S environment. 5S is a method of organizing spaces that will enable work to be performed in a safe, clean, and...
5S Inspector Training (LEAN-201)
Lean Management
5S Inspector Training (LEAN-201)
Training for employees that will be performing the 5S inspection.The 5S inspection is an important part of the 5S methodology. The inspection will confirm the effectiveness of your 5S program. It will show areas that need improvement before they...
5S Champion Training (LEAN-211)
Lean Management
5S Champion Training (LEAN-211)
5S training for those employees that have been identified as a 5S Champion. One of the best ways for an organization to facilitate change is to engage employees and grow leaders throughout the organization. The 5S Champion is a leader in driving...
Planning a 5S Initiative (LEAN-501)
Lean Management
Planning a 5S Initiative (LEAN-501)
In this course has been designed to prepare project leaders lead a 5S initiative in their organization. The 5S Methodology is a lean management techniques to optimize the organization of a workspace. It is the first step in a series of training...
Lean Leadership (LEAN-511)
Lean Management
Lean Leadership (LEAN-511)
Leadership support is one of the keys to the success of your lean management efforts. This training highlights some things managers and leaders can do to strengthen their lean program, ensure sustainment, and develop employees. All managers and...

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